Can I Come and Live with You?
That's me with my brother, I'm the brown and white one, he's black and white with some tan on his face...we're playing with a size 11 running shoe. He's got his whole tail...
We're both really cute and love to play! Jumping in the leaves and chewing on sticks is a ton of fun on a sunny fall day.
We like playing with each other...but we'd prefer to play with you everyday in our new home.
That's our Mom in the last picture so you can see what she looks like. My Dad was on the farm too, but he was camera shy. They're both Jack Russels, but our people think there might have been something else mixed in there so he won't say we are purebred.
Call our's a local call from KW
If you get a machine just leave a message and they'll call you right back.
Count on about an hour drive from Waterloo...but it's a nice country drive!
See you soon
(We've been dewormed but we have NOT been to the vet)